COLTELLERIE INOXBONOMI highly specialize in producing cutlery.
Our production ranges from the most common TABLE KNIVES with COLOURED HANDLES to the most complete series of KITCHEN and PROFESSIONAL KNIVES. We use the best stainless steel, and our handles are made of the most traditional woods as ROSEWOOD, PLASTIC MATERIALS as POLIPROPILENE and more recent materials as RESILIANT WOOD or RUBBER.

The company dates back to the post-war years when Bernardo Bonomi started the activity of polishing and sharpening knives and cutting tools. Enlarged and renewed it is now run by its sons who start producing and selling with a personal trademark in the early sixties. In Online 1972 the company moves to the present site in Gombio di Polaveno Val Trompia and the research of more sophisticated shapes and materials continues in the intention of satisfying the requirements of a more and more demanding market.
By this time our company, well known all over the world and run by the third generation of the family, has become a leader in his sector and a well experienced staff continues an interesting research of new models, designed and realized using modern equipments. We are proud to say that our production fully satisfy the present particular demand of the knives market, giving us the chance Turnschuhe to reach new customers in new countries.

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