Our production ranges

from very cheap table knives with colored handles up to a full range of professional knives.

  • Table Knives and Cutlery Line
  • monthly

    $ 100
  • Scissors and Various Articles
  • monthly

    $ 100

Made in Italy since 1972.

Inoxbonomi is a company which highly specializes in manufacturing stainless steel cutlery. In the post war period Bernardo Bonomi starts the activity of polishing knives and cutting tools,

activity which was carried on by his four sons. In the early sixties the company stars manufacturing and selling knives and kitchen utensils with the personal brand Inoxbonomi.

posate inox bonomi

Cutlery Line

In 2014 INOXBONOMI launches the new BONOMI CUTLERY LINE, modern and essential in shape designed to offer lightweight and extreme ease in use. Moreover forks and spoons are manufactured in a range of eleven colours to match with our series of Table knives. Like every other Inoxbonomi article, forks and spoons are branded MADE IN ITALY, a guarantee of quality, resistance in use and durability.

Our strengths

High precision cutting.

Made in Italy

Products designed and manufactured in our factory. Reliability and guarantee of a quality brand that belongs to the “Made in Italy” for over 40 years.

Materials Research

Research and use of premium materials to guarantee a high-end product. Blades made with the best stainless steel and handles with the best polypropylene, resins and special fibers.


Products and work processes that meet high-quality standards. Accuracy and attention to detail ensured throughout the production process.